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Need a place to create, get inspired, and hang out with like-minded crafters and sewists? Well, look no further! You've come to the right place! Come sew, create, make, wrap, and have a great time along the way! This Workshop is for intermediate levels and creates a space to work on all gifting projects around the holiday season. We have a variety of gift sewing kits to choose from, or you can bring your own supplies and work on what you want. With experts in the room to help, you'll be even more motivated, eager, and excited to finish all of your DIY gifts! All materials are cut and ready to sew, and that my friends, cuts YOUR time in half! Boxes, wrapping paper, and ribbon are included so you can enjoy wrapping your gifts as well! Get ready for the holiday season, and feel ready this year!

Happy Holidays!

PROJECTS: Our project kits include: tote bags, wine tote bags, zipper clutches, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags for men and women, festive pillows, leggings, bowties, baby clothes, ornaments, and more! Project kits range from $12 - $35

SUPPLIES AND FABRICS: Bring your own or purchase kits at the Sewing Center

PREREQUISITE: Sewing Machine Basics or Sewing 101