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Want to take your craft to the next level? Maybe you've been sewing for quite some time but still using commercial patterns. If you're ready to make your own patterns, or you've just completed Sewing 101 and you're ready to learn the next set of skills, this is it! In this class you will learn how to flat pattern your own skirt with your own measurements! Yep! Your very own custom-made pattern unique to your own body.

In this class you will learn:

· how to make a custom pattern with your own measurements
· techniques and terminology for pattern development
· how to draft a pattern with measurements
· how to properly measure yourself
· how to create a skirt with your own pattern
· walk away with the perfect skirt sloper for other projects

PROJECTS: Custom Skirt Pattern from scratch

FABRIC AND SUPPLIES: Supplies not included:2 yards of pattern paper, mechanical pencil, eraser, tracing wheel, scotch tape (matte finish) and 2 yards of muslin.

*You will also need fabric for the skirt, but that won't be needed until later in the class; we will discuss the first day. No need to bring with you on day 1.

Course Duration: 5 weeks 2 hours per week. Total of 10 hours

PREREQUISITE: Sewing 101 or already know how to sew and currently using commercial patterns. If you have experience, please email us and we can discuss options.

VIRTUAL CLASS RECORDINGS: All virtual classes will be recorded. If you miss a class or need to practice at home you may request the recording and rewatch. Class recordings are only available to students registered for the class and only the speaker will be recorded.