• Image of IN PERSON Sewing 102: Sewing Lounge with a Sewing Expert to help

Ready to take your sewing skills to the next level in a lounge style class? The second in our Sewing series, Sewing 102 takes all of the beginner fundamentals learned in Sewing 101 and applies them to a more challenging garment that you pick!

We start with reinforcing all of our sewing essentials from Sewing 101, and then introduce students to more stitches & seam finishes and focus more closely on your sewing skills and reading a pattern. Each student will come to class ready to go with a preselected pattern and fabric of their choosing and get started with their garments. Our instructors are extremely talented and have worked in the fashion industry along with an education in fashion and sewing.

During this course you will learn:
· a review of beginner sewing fundamentals
· how to adjust a commercial pattern
· how to complete garment construction techniques at an intermediate level
· more stitching, seam finishes, and hemming techniques

PROJECTS: Work on your own pre-selected pattern! We recommend a fitted garment, either a jacket, skirt, dress, pant or blouse, from a commercial pattern.

FABRIC AND SUPPLIES: To be provided by student

COURSE DURATION: This class meets every week unless it's a holiday and you can join whenever you want! 102 classes are offered on Thursday mornings 10am-1pm Thursday evenings 6-9pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm. You pick when you come! After you purchase the class, email us and we will add you to the schedule!

PREREQUISITE: Sewing 101 or proven beginner sewing level