• Image of Designer Workspace Membership

We are taking applications for The Designer Membership Program. The Sewing Center will be choosing a few designers for the program based on their applications. To submit an application, please let us know your business, website, and a description of how you’d like to use the space. Below are the rates and terms.

Daily pass: $10 per hour. Any amount per day or week is available.

Minimal access: Open studio use one day a week or 10 hours per week Monday - Friday (10am - 5pm). No consulting. Free Wi-Fi & coffee. $100 per day or $400 per month. Month to month membership. additional hours available for $10 per hour.

Partial access: 1 hour of free consulting per week. Use the space 3 days a week or 21 hours (10am-5pm) Monday - Friday & Sundays also. Includes storage bin. $840 per month. In addition, space available to rent for additional price for special events. Month to month membership.

Full access:
1 hour of free consulting once a week along with open studio use 40 hours a week (10am - 5pm) Monday - Friday & Sundays and storage space (one large bin & clothing rack) to store at the sewing center and work in our new designer workroom. Free Wi-Fi, coffee and will be done on a month to month basis. The price for this membership is $1200 per month.

If you’d like a longer term, it’s available with a 15% discount for one year.

For consideration please email [email protected] with details about your business, sewing needs and usage time.